take a look at n0tw0Rkxxx map. every node on the network runs one or more router instances.
the network uses a lot of features, for example, mpls, igp, bgp, 2 rr, lg, irb, multicast, encryption, etc.
the ide runs at noti, but the storage, compilation and testing are done at safe.
when i'm ready with something, i run self tests at safe. (btw self tests run 0-24 at work)
when everything is fine, i initialte the release at nas.
routers at home are configured to update in every minute from nas, so the release shortly loaded.
then i check if everyting works fine for example at connectivity matrix.
if the release have issues, i can't do that, or will see some errors there, but even worse,
no heating, can't open the door, can't phone and no music, since these are also provided by routers.
at this point, just my home network loaded the new release until i sync at nop from nas.
this also means that it's impossible to release to the public with the used features broken.
after the snyc, the rest of the routers load the release, including the production ones at my workspace.
the rrs at the prod are compared against a big vendor in every minute, and noc is alarmed if a diff detected.
the investigation of these alerts usually lead to reloading the big vendor's box because of misreflection...:)

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